Sir Rufus Pitt-Bulstrode and Family

Sir Rufus Pitt-Bulstrode has released some charming family photos. He feels that if the threatened socialist invasion of Borsetshire should eventuate, it may be some time before the whole family will be together in one place.

Here we see Sir Rufus, as head of the family, prominent. He is accompanied by his two Afghan hounds, Esmeralda Golightly VII and Sinbad Restitution II.
Behind him is his Good Lady, memsahib etc – Lady Ferocity Pitt-Bulstrode with her Doberman bitch, called Bitch.
Behind her ladyship are the Pitt-Bulstrode children, now all adults. From the left, oldest to youngest, they are;Lady Anticipation Pitt-Bulstrode; Lady Recreation Pitt-Bulstrode; Lady Persistence Pitt-Bulstrode; Lady Reality Pitt-Bulstrode; Lady Acceptance Pitt-Bulstrode and the Hon. Freddie Pitt-Bulstrode.
Sir Rufus wanted a son from the outset and it is thought that his daughters’ names reflect this long-thwarted ambition.
Here, Sir Rufus and Lady Ferocity look down fondly on their assembled brood whilst wondering when are the builders going to get the windows in?

2 thoughts on “Sir Rufus Pitt-Bulstrode and Family

  1. Yes, I was wondering about the windows. Must be damn draughty there! Lovely work on the daughters, can’t go wrong with some upper-class totty, eh what?

    1. You could go very wrong with this upper-class totty if you tried to take liberties. Better tip Snapcase the wink – wouldn’t like any “misunderstandings” to occur.

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