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Dorstone Barricades Stormed by Golden Valley Heroes – Sir Gilbert’s latest triumph

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Once again, Sir Gilbert Hill (Bart) has been forced to abandon the tranquility of rural life and lead his Volunteers, simple folk and humble but embued with an enquenchable determination to secure their freedom against any that threaten it, against the wicked interventions of an alien demagogue.

In order to secure the peace and independence of his valley, the noble knight determined to re-establish lawful authority in Dorstone which has been occupied by a rabble of criminal elements.


Dorstone in the hands of criminals who do not shrink from using the most precious possessions of the inhabitants in a desperate bid to deny Sir Gilbert

Dorstone in the hands of criminals who do not shrink from using the most precious possessions of the inhabitants in a desperate bid to deny Sir Gilbert







Hoorah for Freedom – Sir Gilbert’s Volunteers arrive to bring hope to the people of Dorstone. Here we see the Bulk Importers Section, supported by a mortar and, in the background, the anti-tank bombers


At the opposite end of the village, Sir Gilbert’s ally approaches


More examples of the pitiless misuse by the hoodlums of innocent villagers’ property to make barricades


Colourful advertisments by the roadside remind all of more peaceful times


Armed criminals rush to oppose the advance of Sir Gilbert’s Labourers and Artisans section


A brave sight – the Golden Valley Volunteers advance. Far left, the Labourers and Artisans; in the centre, the Abbey Dore Police Volunteers, supported by the anti-tank section; to the right, the Bulk Importers and Freddie Pitt-Bulstrode and his mortar section



A sight to stir the blood – the arrival of Sir Gilbert himself, alongside his latest recruits – the POUM Ladies Heavy Weapons section, recently returned from Spain



The Police Volunteers advance bravely against the cowardly criminals, cowering behind their shameful barricade. In close support, the anti-tank team and Restitution Trevelyn, the mortar spotter



The Artisans and Labourers swarm over hedges and sweep towards some quaking enemy


On the Volunteers’ fight flank, the Bulk Importers advance


The Bulk Importers stream forward whilst, in the background, the anti-tank team make their first, heroic attack on the enemy’s monstrous armoured car



In the centre, the Police Volunteers, sorely depleted by the cowardly defenders, are reinforced by two of Sir Gilbert’s aides, Monsieur Samson Picardy and Mr Barry Glissade. Mr Glissade, in addition to his duties with the Volunteers, is also a newspaper reporter and has provided these notes. Moving up in support – the POUM Ladies


An overview of Sir Gilbert’s dispositions. Whilst his Artisans have destroyed an enemy section to their front, a large force of so-called Royalists has appeared to their left. In the centre, it can be seen how the relentless pressure from the Police section has reduced the enemy defending the makeshift barricade.


Sir Gilbert’s armoured section finally move into action on the extreme left. They had been delayed due to the time required to raise steam in their boilers. However, they soon make their presence felt against the so-called Royalists


Withering fire from the POUM Ladies helps to sweep the enemy from the barricades


The Bulk Importers, their ranks largely made up of raw recruits after losses in previous battles, advance courageously against immensely strong enemy positions


Drama in the centre as the anti-tank team make continuous attacks on the enemy behemoth and finally effect its total destruction. Despite the tragic striking down of team member Nanny Pankhurst, her heroic colleague “Mad” Wullie McSpaniel pressed home the attack with total success


As “Mad” Wullie completes the destruction of the enemy armour, the POUM Ladies continue to rake the barricade supported by the Police


A close-up of the centre where the inevitable defeat of the enemy looks certain



Charge…! The Police storm the barricade, supported by M. Picardy and Barry Glissade. The enemy are defeated and routed


At the other end of the village, heavy weapons keep Sir Gilbert’s ally at bay


Confusion in the centre of the village as the criminal hierarchy realise the game is up


VICTORY – as the Golden Valley men leap the barricade and take the village….

FOOTNOTE: Nanny Pankhurst. As her inert body was carried from the field, it was observed there were slight signs that she yet lived. Dr Bill “Tiny” Savage was summoned. The burly, nineteen stone doctor took out his stethescope and knelt beside the stricken herroine. He reached to undo the top button on her sturdy gabardine macintosh amd that was the last thing he was aware of for the next 15 minutes until he woke up sitting propped against a tree with Nanny Pankhurst waving a bottle of smelling-salts under his nose. “Dr Savage,” she said, “No man has ever dallied with my buttons and no man ever will. Now let me attend to your black-eye.”

Much later, when Violet Ironsides, 2nd-in-command of the Ewyas Harold WI section congratulated Nanny on her amazing survival, she was told:

“Miss Ironsides, in battle, never underestimate the value of whalebone-reinforced corsetry.”


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  1. Classic lyrics Doug…as always.😆

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  3. Wonderful figures, vehicles and terrain…I even see some of my favourites from Ironclad Miniatures I think…top show!


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