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“Mad” Wullie McSpaniel – Tank Hunter

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Mad Wullie 4

The local rat-catcher, “Mad” Wullie McSpaniel, a Scottish gentleman, has been missing for over a month. His disappearance caused a little interest but frankly, compared to the momentous events involving the Golden Valley Volunteers, it was of minor significance. Mad Wullie was not a member of any of the Volunteers’ units. “Ahm no a joiner” he said when questioned about his reluctance to get involved. And then he disappeared.

His reappearance has been of more interest. It transpired that his wilderness month was not a wasted one. Still less, was Wullie attempting to avoid danger. On the contrary, he had applied his unusual brain to the problem of tackling armoured vehicles. He was aware of the difficulties the Volunteers had experienced in their last battle when faced by BUF tanks. In fact, they had no answer to the armoured threat. Until Wullie set to work.

After a month of punishing work and experimentation, Wullie reported to Sir Gilbert and revealed the results of his labours. It was a manually delivered anti-tank bomb. The innovation that Wullie had perfected was a sticky casing that enabled the bomber to attach his bomb to the target and make good his escape before it exploded. A good part of the month that Wullie was absent was spent in unsticking himself from various surfaces and items of equipment. It wasn’t until he developed a skin for the bomb that covered its adhesive surfaces, that he was able to escape from his workshop and tell the world, via Sir Gilbert, of his invention. It is known as a Manually Attached Device (MAD) in recognition of its inventor’s nickname and Mad Wullie himself has been appointed the Volunteers’ first MAD man.

"Mad" Wullie practices his technique

“Mad” Wullie practices his technique


Wullie displays his bulging bag of bombs

Wullie displays his bulging bag of bombs


Wullie perfects his evasion manoeuvre

Wullie perfects his evasion manoeuvre


A big “Thank You” goes out to my old Canadian chum, Tim Peterson for providing and painting the figure for Mad Wullie. He read of the Volunteers’ problems against armour in the last game and set to to rectify the omission of an anti-tank capability in their OOB.

You can find plenty of Tim’s excellent work here . He’s the editor and major contributor.

Thanks Tim

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  1. Great chaarcter! I hope he does better than the tank hunter soldier in the last battle of “Saving Private Ryan.”



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