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The Finale – Introducing the 4th Section

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Ignoring, with difficulty, the morris men, Inspector Andrew glanced at Sir Gilbert who gave a slight nod.

DI Andrew waits for Sir Gilbert's nod

DI Andrew waits for Sir Gilbert’s nod

Whereupon, Andrew gave a mighty blast on his Hudson’s Police Whistle which ushered in Sergeant Roger Roundly, leading the Abbey Dore Division Police Volunteers who Sir Gilbert had accepted in to the ranks of his force as the 4th Section.

The Police Volunteers advance

The Police Volunteers advance

Displaying great pride in their new weapons (they are armed with rifles except for Sergeant Roundly who is equipped with a sub-machine gun), the section advanced across the park to the accompaniment of many cheers; There was also a certain amount of good-natured mock insults from the Welsh Gangsters Nationalists and some of the 1st Section who on occasion have been accused of poaching and thus dealt with the police in less happy circumstances. Ignoring the crowd, the section gave a spirited demonstration of the tactics of Fire and Movement. They were unperturbed by the presence of the morris side, still performing at the other side of the park.

Morris men and Police section apparently unaware of each other

Morris men and Police section apparently unaware of each other

On the word of command from the sergeant, the leading riflemen gave a volley of blanks which had the effect of causing the morris men to rout precipitately from the field, accompanied by theatrical groans and laughter from the Gangsters Nationalists

The morris men take to their heels

The morris men take to their heels

Sergeant Roundly smartly halted his men in front of Sir Gilbert who, surrounded by his personal staff, acknowledged the police section with a dignified bow of his noble head.

Sergeant Roundly presents his men to Sir Gilbert

Sergeant Roundly presents his men to Sir Gilbert

Detective Inspector Andrew had been taking copious notes during the display and now ushered his men away from the audience and gave every appearance of delivering a very frank assessment of what he had seen. Apparently, he felt there was room for improvement.

DI Andrer delivers his verdict

DI Andrew delivers his verdict

This marked the end of the Field Day which all declared a huge success. Stirrup called for Three Cheers for Sir Gilbert and the Volunteers responded with a roar that would have turned Fascist spines to jelly, had there been any Fascists close enough to hear. The Volunteers then dispersed with morale high, looking confidently forward and ready for anything their disreputable enemy might throw at them.


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  1. And as the police march, secondary weapons causing considerable bulges down their legs, they prepare to expose those long wooden truncheons……

  2. I’m waiting for Dads Army lot to turn up! (Warlord games)

  3. Any rules where you can shoot Morris Dancers are good ones.


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