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“Evening All” – An Inspector calls with important news

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Following on from the recent disgraceful episode of the police raid, Sir Gilbert was in two minds whether to grant an audience to an unexpected caller, identified as a Detective Inspector. However, his natural aristocratic politesse precluded any thought of deliberate rudeness and so the detective was shown to Sir Gilbert’s study.

Detective Inspector Andrews in discussions with Sir Gilbert. His secretary was also in attendance

Detective Inspector Andrews in discussions with Sir Gilbert. His secretary was also in attendance

Detective Inspector Andrew was cross, indeed simmering with fury. Not, it should be said, with Sir Gilbert but rather with those members of the police force that had conducted the aforementioned raid on the noble baron’s armoury and estate. DI Andrew explained that he was based at Abbey Dore and had discovered that the raid was the work of a sergeant and some constables from the Bromyard district, an area under the control of the BUF. It is rumoured that a certain Captain Campbell of the BUF may have been behind the plot but this is unproven. The retired Inspector from Ewyas Harold, now under detention on the estate, was recruited because of his local knowledge.

 DI Andrew’s fury at this incursion by an outside group has led him to take steps to insure against such an event happening again. He has arranged with his uniformed colleagues to have round-the-clock patrols in the area of the estate as well as a close watch on roads into the area. More importantly, he has arranged for a section of armed officers to accompany The Volunteers on campaign. They will consist of nine constables armed with rifles and a sergeant with a sub-machine gun.

 The detective explained to Sir Gilbert that the local police are exactly that – local. Given the confusion that exists throughout the country and the ambivalent nature of the current monarch’s claim to the throne, he and his colleagues feel that their oath of allegiance to the crown is no longer tenable and that their first duty is to the area they live and work in.

 Sir Gilbert heard all this with great sympathy and understanding and has graciously accepted the offer of a police section to augment his Volunteers. He and DI Andrews parted on the most amicable of terms.

 A poster is in preparation which is to be displayed throughout Sir Gilbert’s area-of-influence emphasising the close links between himself and the local constabulary and warning criminals and disaffected elements, be they from inside the area or outside of it, of the severe penalties they will face if found guilty of any transgressions.

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