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All Sir Gilbert’s Men (and Women) – The Volunteers Order of Battle

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Sir Gilbert’s Volunteers  aka “The Golden Valley Invincibles” (nickname)



Sir Gilbert Hill – Commander

Stirrup – 2i/c and Sir Gilbert’s “Man”

Wrench- Butler

Rev Thomas Powell – Chaplain and Vicar of St Mary’s, Kendechurch

Doctor Bill “Tiny” Savage – Medic and GP of Ewyas Harold

Monsieur Samson Picardy –Intelligence officer and private detective



1st Section The Golden Valley Labourers and Artisans (type: Regular)

Timothy Hill – section leader and Sir Gilbert’s son – smg

Roger Gently – Lewis gun operator and tenant farmer

Barry Glissade – Lewis gun second and newspaper reporter

8 x Shotgun

(11 men in all)



2nd Section The  Ewyas Harold/Pontrilas Women’s Institute  (type: Irregular)

Mary Bowen – section leader – shotgun

9 x ladies with pistols



3rd Section The Bulk Importers Volunteers  (type: Veteran)

Girolamo Sciascia –section leader – smg

9 x Welsh volunteers x smg


Special Duty Assault Section  (type: Veteran)

Toby Scudamore – leader

6 x Morris Dancers


Attached Support Weapon  (type: Regular)

Mortar and crew

The Honourable Freddie Pitt-Bustrode – leader


Armoured Reconnaissance

GVR Mk1 Armoured Scout Car (Steam)



Transport: 2 x Trucks (more are available for short term requisitioning)

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  1. What is the purpose, on the gaming table, for the Morris Dancers?

    • Er…a good question. They are there mainly to drive the enemy mad although they also carry grenades so that, if they ever got close to an enemy, they could do more than simply bash them over the head with wooden sticks.


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