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Sir Gilbert Hill’s Very British Civil War

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From the start of the Very British Civil War phenomena, I’ve been fascinated by it. However, I was determined to do no more than follow other people’s games on-line and make my experience solely a vicarious one.

Resolve started to crumble a little when I became aware of the Herefordshire campaign run by Giles and Jon.  I lived for five years in Herefordshire and my wife is from there so I had an affinity with the area. I’d also met Giles for a game once some years ago whilst I was a Herefordshire resident. I followed the development of the Herefordshire campaign for a while and when I read about the planned game “A Bridge Over the River Wye” I bemoaned to my wife how all this goodness was happening after we’d left the area. “Well, she said, why don’t you ask if you can take part? It’s not that far and I can come with you and visit some relatives while the game is on”. So that’s what happened. I contacted Giles, secured an invite and got excited. I confessed I had no troops for the period and said I’d be happy to operate as the subordinate to someone else. Then, as I got more enthused, I began to scour my existing figure collection with the aim of maybe at least scraping together enough for a section of farm labourers – I’d got quite a few thirties period figures when I was thinking about starting to play Strange Aeons. I realised I had more stuff than I thought although some of units I was planning needed some bending of the rules. Giles and Jon had no objections and thus was born –

Sir Gilbert Hill’s Volunteers


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  1. David Schofield

    Nice bunch! What’s the combat factor of a pigs bladder?
    Quite inspirational. Good look with the blog!


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